Passion for life

Alexandra created her site so that others could share in the fun she and her friends had on their many nights out. It was created while she was living with the Melanoma cancer that ultimately took her life. She had intended it to be a resource centre for having a good time and the site although still under developed serves as a tribute to her passion for life.

It seems only fitting that we her family should keep the site up and running so that those that knew Alexandra can continue to seek comfort and remember the times they had together. The message board following her death bears testament to this. She had touched many people's hearts while she was alive and this has continued following her death.

Messages of support

Because of her talents, and the fact that this terrible disease took her life at the age of only 22 years the news of her death hit the headlines. Following this the site received thousands of hits by people seeking to find out more about Alexandra and about Melanoma. There were messages of support from many including those who themselves are living with melanoma.

Alexandra always thinking of others had asked that her family raise awareness and money's to support charity's that are cancer related.

Many thanks for reading ...

Alex's musical composition

Alex was working on a music composition, which friends have helped to complete in her memory. Alex's music composition is available to purchase as a digital download from the Karmadownload website as of the 14th May 2006. Fundraising activity continues as Alex wished by her family and friends and as seen on the fundraising page.

Alex's website

Although there is a lot of information on these front pages, pictures say a thousand words and Alex uploaded many photos to her site. The link into the site :

Find out more about melanoma

Following the support that we received from those that read the newspaper articles and visited this site we felt compelled to set about raising awareness of melanoma and skin cancers. Therefore we would like the site to also serve as a platform for those seeking to find out more about Melanoma, to raise general awareness and to support fundraising.

There have been two people, who both have melanoma and who have been inspirational in allowing us to achieving the awareness and fundraising we sought to raise. The first Hannah Gordon put the tabloids to rights with this article about Alexandra. She also ran the great southern 10k in Alexandra's name to raise money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign, visit their site here. Her donations page is located with

The second is a brave young man called Lee Jordan who genuinely cares about others and expects nothing in return. We have greatly inspired each other with our protracted correspondence that has led him to creating, a site that is designed to embrace all that is concerned with skin cancers. You should be able to find out everything that you would wish to know there with links to most major cancer sites so there is no need to repeat it here. Lee is one dedicated young man who is determined to make a difference to the lives of others through his vast knowledge of the very disease that he himself is living with.

Remember the first line of defence with melanoma is prevention so please take time to visit these links and the following information pages here.